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Streamline your business with an automated online quoting and booking platform

Create a quote calculator for your website so your customers can get an instant price quote online
Quoting software increase revenue

The Benefits of the

Embeddable Web Quoting Software

Save time and money using price quoting process automation!


  • Quoting Software will save you up to 2 hours per day. More time on the tools = more revenue
  • It’s much faster for your client to get a quote without talking on the phone with a salesperson or writing an email!
  • You no longer need a person to answer the phone or to respond to emails
  • Get notified on your email when you get a job
  • Create and customize quote to suit your business process
  • Customers can estimate costs and get the right price
  • You will have all the details of the job request so you can prepare accordingly
  • Works perfectly on all devices: desktop, phones, tablets
  • Complex price quote calculator for any type of services or products
  • With Quoting Software, your business revenue will increase and decrease cost!

Custom integration and customisation available upon request!

Decrease your cost

Decrease your cost

You will know what the client wants

You will know what the client wants

Do not waste time on the phone

Do not waste time on the phone

Create extensive quotes

Create extensive quotes

Easy to customize

Easy to customize

Easy to integrate in your site

Easy to integrate in your site

A Few Examples

Here are just a few examples of the Quoting Software in action
You can set and modify unlimited questions and options. You can create unlimited categories, products or services. The examples below are for demo purpose only.
Quoting boat service

Quoting Boat Service

Quoting carpet cleaning service

Quoting Carpet Cleaning

Quoting car service

Car Repair


Commercial Cleaning

quoting plumbing service

Quoting Plumbing Service

quoting window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Here are some examples of industries where you can use quoting software

I have a mobile boat repair business so it’s essential for me to do my job without talking on the phone when I’m at work. Now everything is simpler: I receive the orders by email, I know the day I have to go to do the job and the most important thing is that I know exactly what problems I will encounter at the next job.
Rares Badrea

Until I tested the software I had no idea how useful it is.
When you have a small company like mine it’s hard to handle your phones and emails.
All you have to do is to create a good and extensive quoting page and everything will be much easier.
Quoting software has changed my way of doing business.
Marcus A

Initially, I was afraid I would not know how to integrate the software into my site, not knowing much about it. Nothing easier, just a copy and a paste. In a very short time I learned how to set up a quoting to get as much information from customers as possible.
Tamera Eugenie Stewart

The hardest thing to do is diagnose an engine on the phone and then give the customer a quote as accurate as possible. Quoting Software has changed the style of doing business. After the customer sends the quotation along with the day he has booked all that remains to be done is to make my calculations and give him a precise hour when to come with car on the repair shop.
Antonio Ravelli

About us

Quoting Software is a proven business automation software developed and tested in Australia. Our team members, all with experience running small businesses, know first hand how overwhelming it can be to face the volume of calls and emails needing to be responded to. We know the desire to spend more time on the tools and less on the phone. We developed Quoting Software in response. It made a huge difference. It gave us back control of our time. We are confident it can do the same for you.

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